What is ILEA?

ILEA stands for International Live Events Association (previously known as the International Special Events Society). The International Live Events Association (ILEA) is the premier society for Event Professionals. Your membership in ILEA also allows you to build relationships with other professionals worldwide within the special events industry.

How much does membership cost for ILEA?

ILEA membership fees are $449 for corporate or individual; or $349 for nonprofit—full year rate; plus a $50 application fee. Student memberships are $35 and require volunteer service to the chapter and approval from a university representative. ILEA also holds two international membership drives each year in December and May. These membership drives offer additional incentives for joining ILEA.

When does my membership expire?

No matter when you join ILEA throughout the year (July-April); your membership will expire on June 30th. However, if you join in May or June your membership will not expire until the following calendar year.

When and where are local ILEA Chapter meetings held?

The Greater Charlotte Chapter has its own meeting schedule. We strive to remain consistent with the second Tuesday of the month (lunch/midday or cocktail/evening). To view the calendar of ILEA Chapter meetings / events, please visit our Programs page.

Is there a charge to attend monthly meetings?

The Greater Charlotte Chapter does charge a fee to attend monthly meetings. To view the calendar of ILEA Chapter meetings / events, please visit our Programs page.

Does ILEA accept student members?

USA Student memberships are $35 per year and can be held for a maximum of two years (additional years beyond two will be addressed by ILEA International and the schools’ Program Coordinator). Student members must be enrolled as a part or full-time student in a recognized certificate or degree program. Student members are encouraged to get involved with the chapter by volunteering ten (10) hours to their chapter per year, helping with chapter meetings and event registration, mailings, and other chapter business such as coordinating chapter community service and special projects.